​​How to Host the Perfect Botox Party: Safety, Tips, and More!

Medically reviewed by Kristy Lambaren, FNP 9/23/22 

What is a Botox Party?

Botox parties are great for pampering yourself, friends, and family. The “Host” typically organizes and hosts the Botox Party. Guests can enjoy a luxurious and exclusive self-care experience from the comfort and location of your choice. Locations can range from a host’s house to a resort, hotel room, or even a workplace. Typically, a mobile, licensed Medical Practitioner will meet you at the location of your choosing to administer and facilitate the treatment. Aside from being a fun and plush experience, Botox Parties make the ultimate “Insta-worthy” backdrop, and your followers will be begging you for an invite to your next one!

Since Botox was approved for cosmetic use decades ago, many people have incorporated it into their self-care routine. Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetic neuromodulator made from the protein “Botulinum Toxin Type A”. Like Botox, Xeomin is another brand name FDA- approved neuromodulator. This cosmetic injectable is made from a derivative of Botulinum Toxin Type A, known as “Incobotulinumtoxina”. There are a lot of different cosmetic applications for Botox and Xemoin. These brands can be used interchangeably or independently based on the patient’s preference and beauty goals. Botox and Xeomin are available to people over 18 years old. 

Botox and Xeomin are most commonly used to relax wrinkles. A skilled Medical Practitioner/ Injector can use these injectables to smooth the forehead wrinkles, frown lines (wrinkles between the eyebrows), crow’s feet/ smile lines (wrinkles on the outer corner of the eyes), bunny lines (wrinkles on the nose), and cobblestone chin. With Botox and/or Xeomin injections for wrinkle relaxation, your group will feel fresh and youthful! 

You can also use Botox to enhance your natural beauty if wrinkles aren’t a major concern. A highly skilled Medical Practitioner/ Injector can use Botox for a “lip-flip”. Botox is injected into the Cupid’s Bow and corners of the lips in this procedure. This application allows the lip to “curl” or “flip”, creating a fuller pout. Botox can also be used to correct Gummy Smile. In this quick procedure, Botox is injected above the upper lip at the “Yonsei Point”. After injection, the upper lip will relax and expose less gums during a smile. These beauty enhancements can also be accomplished with Xeomin. 

Botox also works wonders for facial slimming. In this procedure, Botox is injected into the Masseters “jaw muscles”. This treatment produces a slimmer and leaner appearance. Not to mention- Botox Injection in the Masseters can relieve pain associated with Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction a.k.a “TMJ”. Relaxation of the Masseters can relieve tension, soreness, bruxism (teeth grinding), puffiness or swelling in the lower face, and ringing in the ears. Depending on the severity of your TMJ symptoms, you should always consult with your Medical Provider on your treatment plan. In addition to Botox injections, your Provider may recommend a night guard, physical therapy, or an alternative treatment.

Botox Parties can be relaxing, fun, and safe. Here are two things you should keep in mind before moving forward:

1) How to Choose the Right Medical Practitioner and what to look for: 

It’s important to choose the right Medical Practitioner for your Botox Party. You want to ensure that your Provider is a Physician or Advanced Practice Practitioner (APP), such as a Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant. Alternatively, a Registered Nurse (RN) or licensed Medical Esthetician can administer Botox Injections, if properly and safely supervised by a Physician or APP. Your state’s medical licensure website makes it easy to verify license credentials. In Colorado, this is known as a “License Lookup” through the Department of Regulatory Affairs (DORA). 

Along with education and state licensing, you want a practitioner who has experience and is highly skilled in cosmetic injections. Aesthetic Medicine Practitioners need continuing education and hands-on training to perform cosmetic injections. Therefore, you want to make sure your Provider is not only licensed, but also skilled and knowledgeable. If you want to know more, check out their “About Me” page on their website, LinkedIn, online resume, or similar platform. Alternatively, you can just ask them about their experience! 

Please be aware, in Colorado, a practitioner with less than an Medical Esthetician license should not administer any cosmetic injections, such as Botox or Filler. If you are outside Colorado, please check your state’s requirements. 

2) Are the proper safety measures in place for your Botox Party?

Cosmetic Injections, including Botox, are considered a medical procedure. With any medical procedure or treatment, you want to ensure that the highest safety measures are in place. Some safety measures you should be on the lookout for, include: 

  1. Safe Location: During the planning process, your Practitioner and you will decide on a safe location to host your Botox Party. The best venue is private, quiet, and hygienic. Some common locations include the host’s home, a hotel room, a resort, or even a workplace/office. You will want to avoid a loud setting or a venue with high foot traffic. 
  2. Medical Supplies: Your practitioner should bring a fully stocked medical bag to your Botox Party. These supplies should also be sourced from reputable medical supply companies. Some items in that bag should include: the Botox vial, sterile syringes and needles, biowaste/ sharps container, chuck pads, alcohol prep wipes, soap for proper handwashing, cleaning wipes for hard surfaces, and emergency anaphylactic medications. Your Practitioner may also come with a collapsible or mobile medical treatment chair. This allows them to administer your treatment in a safe and effective manner. 
  3. Communication: Clear communication is an equally significant safety measure. You want to ensure that your beauty and wellness goals are clearly understood by your Practitioner, and that the results you are seeking are achievable. In addition, you should know what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. Your aftercare instructions should be clearly communicated. 
  4. Preparation: Before the procedure begins, you should expect your Practitioner to review your medical history, current medications, and discuss the treatment consent, prior to  your signature. Next, your Practitioner should properly hand wash and glove up. The injection site will also need to be prepped and cleaned with a sterile alcohol prep wipe. Moreover, the supplies needed for your treatment should be arranged on a clean, dry, chuck pad within your Practitioner’s reach. Your Practitioner may also take a “Before” photo, with your consent. 
  5. Treatment: The Botox or Xeomin will be administered through a very small needle. Most patients describe it as a very small pinch. The used needle should then be discarded into a sharps container and removed from the venue by the Practitioner. A properly trained Medical Practitioner/Injector will never reuse this needle on any other patient, 
  6. Aftercare: Your Practitioner will make sure you’re comfortable, ensure your treatment goals are met, and discuss after-care instructions thoroughly. Two weeks afterward, your Practitioner/Injector may request an “After” photo. This is an excellent opportunity to compare your results!  

Ready to start planning? Top 4 Tips for Hosting a Botox Party: 

  1. Invitations: You want to clearly communicate location, time, and price for each unit of Botox. Many Practitioners offer special pricing discounts for parties of 4 or more guests, such as $11/unit.
  2. Food and Beverages: You might be tempted to serve alcohol at your party, but it’s important to avoid it. You should avoid alcohol at least 24 hours before your treatment, and be sure to share this information with your guests. Mocktails paired with appetizers make a delicious alternative. Don’t forget to have water on hand for your guests! 
  3. Comfortable Seating: Although the Practitioner will bring a medical treatment chair, you want to ensure your guests have comfortable seating while they wait for their treatment. Extra pillows and throw blankets, add a comfortable and luxurious touch.
  4. Music and Entertainment: It is a party, after all! Feel free to play relaxing music for you and your guests. Or, put on your crew’s favorite show or movie. 

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